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Music it's a beautiful sea I am diving in since I remember myself. That's my passion, my sweetest escape, my desire and my deepest devotion. All that matters! Allow me to bring some joy and good mood into your live with my voice and positive energy. The only thing I want, is to make you feel happy with my songs.

Bella c



Church ceremonies, Dinner apero, Dinner background music, After dinner dance party


Apero Music, Dinner Background Music, Dance party Music


Flying dinners, Seminars, Apero, Piano Music

Latest Album

CHF 20.00

“Just for you” - cover songs

Released: 23/05/2016
Label: Brabadoo GmbH
Format:  CD

Cover Songs

Composed By Bella C



Rialto Gstaad9,10,11,16,17,18
Central Plaza Hotel Zürich6,12,20,27
George Bar and Grill Zürich21,22
Güterhof Restaurant Schaffhausen24


Private Events1
Art On Ice Show6,7,8
Central Plaza Hotel Zürich10,24
George Bar and Grill4,25,26
Rialto Gstaad13,14,15


Central Plaza Hotel Zürich9,16
George Bar and Grill Zürich3,10
Suite Lounge Luzern11,12,13,14
Güterhof Schaffhausen6
Private Event17

Latest news

  • Ready for the ride.... 🏍 #vespa #bellacmusic #ride #fun #basel
  • Песен N5..Мелодията ми дойде за секунди и не се стърпях- записах я преди да изчезне в неизвестното.. Незнам, но някак си...текстът, който написах ме разтърси дълбоко .. Сякаш е изповед!
Song N5. The melody came just for a seconds and the lyrics.. My God, these words made me cry when I wrote them.. It was a kind of confession!! ПП: Мизика и Текст - Bella C.Права запазени ®️
  • Thought of the day ...#happiness #joy #selflove #bellacmusic
  • Прочетох нещо за ретроградна Венера вчера, и там се казваше, че е възможно да срещнеш стара любов... И ето, песента се появи. Написах я вчера, записах я днес. Само с барабани и пиано+4 допълнителни гласа .. 🎵🎵🎵
Yesterday I was reading about Venus Retograde, and here we come, the song came up. Old love - new feelings.. wrote it yesterday, sang it today.. This time I used only drums and piano+4 more voices.🎵🎵🎵
  • If you wanna wake up happy , go to bed and be thankful!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Small throwback to February, when life was different, I was different , you was different , the world was different .. Even Marc Sway was different :-) ... lovely memories from Art On Ice 2020 #bellacmusic #artonice2020 #marcsway #aftershow #party #zurich #switzerland #event #show
  • 🎵🎵🎵✔️Време за малко драма, насъбрана и изляна върху хартия.Прибавих и малко барабани за цвят.Басът ще го сложа,като си дойда в Бг и намеря къде да го запиша:-) Вокалите вече приличат на човек, а аз съм с поглед “драма куийн” да пасва на картинката 🎵🎵🎵✔️Another Song from Corona time. A bit of a drama,sadness song, but it was waiting to come out of me anyway. I have added some drums for a color, the Bass will be added when I go back to Bulgaria and find a studio to record it.Better backings this time.😝 The “drama queen” look it’s a part of the picture 😉
  • One of those days, when nothing goes as planned, but still - good mood. My little ugly Terasse - but i love it. Lady in red give all of you a kiss!!! 💋 има дни, като днешният, в които нещо не става, така, както си го планирала, ама на кой му дреме- в настроение съм. Въртя се на малката ми, грозничка тераска и раздавам целувки на всички 💋 #българка #bellacmusic #goodmood #sunnyday #lady #in #red #sunshine #kiss
  • Ок, в домашна обстановка, по чорапи :-) без грим и помади, без аутотюнер, на живо записано, прясно компонирано, изпяно без шанс за корекции. Още трябва да поработя за вокалите 🤪 нямах повече канали, за да запиша соло... Here we are. once again. Composed and recorded by me home addition. No make up, no hairs, no auto tune, live recording on a real-time. Still need some backing improvement 🤪 unfortunately didn’t had another channel to record a solo part! How you like my creation


  • Amazing and powerful performance!! Bella C it’s always full of energy and knows how to make thousands of people dance!

    Gabriela Buchs

    Art On Ice
  • Bella C it’s fire woman. Every time she plays and sings, guests are extremely happy. We love Bella and we are happy to have her in our hotel !!!

    Nicole Lüneburg

    CEO, Central Plaza Hotel
  • We work together with Bella C since 20 years. Always amazing, always in a great shape, always happy clients, when she sings. Her positive energy stays here, days after she is gone.

    Andrea Lüthi

    CEO, Limpach Golf Restaurant
  • One unforgettable weekend with you, dear Bella C!! Your music it’s just fantastic. Your voice – just amazing. It’s was wonderful that we can spend our anniversary together. You made a night to remember!

    Orlando and Silvia

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My Contacts

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